The Sound of the Future Will be Musical
2 April 2019

Mixed-media installation commissioned by Seda Yıldız

Shanghai Curators Lab (SCL) Residency, December 2018

traffic light bleeps, car horning, metal cutting, coughing, man spitting, radio tuning, soup slurping, dog barking, traffic light beeping, fish flipping, bicycle bell ringing, hairdryer blowing, cutlery clinking, coughing, car horning, trolley rolling, mobile phone ringing, cash register cha-ching, coins falling, ventilator whirring, machine working, door slides, American pop song, food fries, coughing, motorbike passing…

When Shanghainese is no longer spoken on the street and group singing sessions in parks, scooter noises all around and firework celebrations on national holidays disappear, what will the future of city sound like?