Independent curator and art writer based in
Hamburg and İstanbul.

Portfolio available here

Short Bio

Seda (meaning ‘sound’ in Turkish) Yıldız (meaning ‘star’) was born and raised in Istanbul. She has a background in art practice, design and literature. Her socially engaged practice often takes the form of discursive exhibitions, public programs, writing, and publishing.
Her research interests centre around self-built artists’ archives and self-organization strategies, mainly in the former East. Collaborations and approaches to making art public are becoming more and more central to her practice. Conviviality and friendship are central values
in her practice.

Seda is the editor and co-author of the book “Building Human Relations Through Art. Škart collective (Belgrade) from 1990 to present” (Onomatopee, 2022). Her writings have appeared in journals including L’Internationale, MONU (Magazine on Urbanism), Art Asia Pacific, KAJET Journal, Arts of the Working Class, as well as various books and catalogues.