Medium in New Ways

Curator: Seda Yıldız
Artists: Rafal Milach, Aras Gökten, Miguel Angel Tornero, Weronika Gesicka, Esther Hovers, Cihad Caner,
Öncü Gültekin, Rehan Miskci, Hannes Wiedemann 
ALAN İstanbul, 2017

Medium in New Ways pursuits questions as ‘What is photography?’, ‘What are the limits of the medium, if there is any?’, ‘How artists deal/communicate with today’s world via photography?’, ‘What are the new possible ways of story telling through imagery and how photographers can play with the medium drawing on other mediums as well?’.
Today while some of the photographers only work analogue and rely on uniqueness of each film roll, for some taken photograph is only a raw material to play within endless possibilities of digital age. For some other, found material is just a starting point for developing many narratives, and here photography could co-operate with other disciplines as boundaries could become barely perceptible leading further discussions on the future of medium. Despite their difference on style and method, these selected works on display is quite time-specific, responding today’s concerns about the definion of ‘photography’.

Graphic Design: Önder Sakıp Dündar