Thing, aura, metadata. A poem on making.

Curator: Seda Yıldız
Artists: Cihad Caner, Dries Lips, Roisin White, Jessica Wolfelsperger
PhotoIreland, Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland
5 – 28 July 2019

This is an exhibition with good intentions.
It is about images and wonders how images of all kinds operate optically and psychologically.
Beyond objecthood and materiality, the exhibition focuses on the process of meaning-making.

This exhibition uses form as an instrument, a communication; rather than an object of contemplation.
There’s no landing, there’s no arrival; an image—like an exhibition—is not an end result.
And there lies its charm.

What would it mean to visit an exhibition on photography today, when imagery is mostly




                                                                    consumed in digital environments?

Speeding up-Production-Commodification-Digitisation-Consumption-Production-Consumpt-
This exhibition believes in the urgency of slowing down.

It is a place for events rather than things.
It comes with a manifestation book, yet it does not propose a fixed definition.
In fact it is offended by any attempt to define itself.
It is an open manifestation that embraces ambiguity and the contradictory.

The exhibition speculates on versatility of the photographic medium and aims to provid multisensory experience to its visitors in an intimate setting.

And let me finish with a sonnet*;

Photography, you inspire me to write.
I love the way you struggle and survive,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the forehand drive.

Let me compare to you a 3d balloon,
You are neither real nor virtual,
Great sun heats the formless peaches of July,
And summertime has the hieroglyphic.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your ups and downs, your past and future.
Thinking of your hectic life fills my days.
My love for you is the soft dentition.

Now I must away with a whirring heart
Remember my words whilst we’re apart.

*This sonnet is co-written by text generator and Seda Yıldız.