Škart Book: Who cares?

Performative Book Launch
CZKD Belgrade, 2022

With Seda Yıldız, Milica Pekić, Škart collective, Horkeškart and Proba choirs, female embroidery group
“Non practical women”
you, her, him, and the audience

To celebrate the launch of the book ‘Building Human Relations Through Art’, which I co-authored and edited, as well as thirty years long artistic practice of Škart, we shared the stage with different groups and individuals the collective has been collaborating with. Two choirs, Horkeškart and Proba, the women embroidery group Škart initiated in the early 2000s, “Non practical women”, friends, friends of friends, and colleages, gathered and shared their experiences of decades long collaboration. The evening, full with songs, poems, embroidery performances, and personal stories, reflects the richness of multilayered relations Škart has built, emphasizing the notion of  presentness which they have always priorised in their socially engaged art practice.

Each visitor, upon enterance, received a gift package designed by Škart; a pocket poetry book, an unpublished essay written by Belgrade based art historian Darka Radosavljević in 1992, and editions of drawings signed by Škart’s member Đorđe Balmazović.

Our Balkan tour schedule followed:

 19 Oct., Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade Academy of Arts
20 Oct., Bulevar Books, Novi Sad
22 Oct., Drugo More, Rijeka
25 Oct., Booksa, Zagreb