Painting over and over; beyond time and space

Text: Seda Yıldız
Graphic Design: Jana Dashevsky
Hamburg, 2021

Can artistic practice developed in resistance to a city‘s changing  urban identity become an aesthetic gesture of resistance? Vigan Nimani’s paintings give an affirmative answer to this.

This essay unpacks the multi-layered practice of Vigan Nimani, ranging from working with painting and photography to producing music. Educated as a painter, Nimani plays in an experimental & improvisation band Tetris, works as a cultural worker (co-initiator of Kino Armata foundation) and runs an arty cafe (which is an extension of his studio, housing some of his paintings). Since the early 2000’s, the artist has been an active figure in shaping the local art and culture scene in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, which has been developed by the experimentation and self-organization of the inhabitants. Nimani’s close relation to his hometown becomes evident in his oeuvre too. 

This publication has been supported by the aid fund "Art knows no shutdown".
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