If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to get far, go with a group.


Concept: Rob van Leijsen & Seda Yıldız
PrintRoom Rotterdam, December 2022

The content from the book Building Human Relations Through Art, about the Belgrade based collective Škart, will serve as a starting point for this workshop with graphic designer Rob van Leijsen and editor and co-author of the booK Seda Yıldız . The archive of Škart is filled with traces, indicators and signs of collective production. From coupons to choirs to street installations to poems, Škart’s artistic collaborations demand a significant effort from each participant, who are encouraged to speak out and contribute to the whole.

By extracting visual and written forms of collaboration from the Škart archive, we will set in motion a process to define our personal contemporary narratives of collective effort and production. Each participant’s contribution will take shape throughout defined stages of the editing process, propelled by an ongoing back and forth between individual contribution and collective consideration. Finally, we will decide on the desired printed outcome of the workshop together. All image making techniques are valid, as long as contributions can be reproduced. The workshop takes place at our Riso space and is open to any type of image makers, researchers and writers who are comfortable with collaborative processes and printmaking – among others, Riso printing.